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Butterscotch Ice-Cream 

This summer while you are stuck inside try this simple recipe and relish the classic Butterscotch ice cream at the comfort of your home.


For butterscotch :

Sugar 1 cup

Kaju (broken/crushed) 2 tbsp

Almonds (broken/crushed) 2 tbsp

For ice cream: 

Whipping cream (cold) 500 ml

Powdered sugar 150 gms

Milk (cold) 120 ml

Butterscotch essence 2 tsp

Orange food color (Optional)


Heat a non-stick pan, add 1 cup of sugar to the pan, keep stirring,  keep the flame on medium to low. The sugar will start melting, continuously keep stirring till sugar melts completely, and slowly it will turn brown in color. Now switch off the flame.

Add the chopped cashews and almonds to the caramel,  mix it well and remove the mixture on a butter/parchment paper, spread it properly, and allow it to cool.

As the caramel will cool it will become hard, this is when you can roughly crush the caramel with the help of a rolling pin, keep the crushed butterscotch aside.

For an hour freeze the bowl and the rods of the electric beater which you will use to whisk the whipped cream.

After an hour take the whipping cream in the chilled bowl add the powdered sugar, start biting the cream at low speed and slowly increase it to the highest. 

You need to beat the cream till it starts forming stiff peaks.

Then add the essence,  milk, and food color to the whipped cream and whip it for few more minutes so everything gets incorporated well.

Lastly, add half of the crushed butterscotch that we kept aside and mix it with the spatula in cut and fold method.

Shift the cream in a plastic box or any container, pat it well and sprinkle the remaining butterscotch on the top of the cream and close the lid.

Freeze the cream for 8 hours or overnight. 

Enjoy your butterscotch ice cream with family and friends 😍

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