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Cheesy Mayo Dip

Prep time: 10 minutes  Total time : 10 minutes



Mayonnaise 1/2 cup

Cheese spread 2 tbsp

Ketchup 2 tbsp

Shezwan chutney 1 tsp

Onion (chopped) 1 tbsp

Tomatoes (pitted and chopped) 1 tbsp

Coriander leaves (chopped) 1 tsp

Salt to taste


In a medium-sized mixing bowl take mayonnaise, cheese spread, ketchup, and shezwan chutney and mix everything well.

Then add in the chopped onions, tomatoes, and coriander leaves, mix it once again so everything gets well incorporated. 

Taste it and if you feel the need a pinch of salt to taste.

You can serve it as it is or you can chill it before serving.

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